Guide to Weight Loss and Testosterone Therapy for Men

There have been recent study on the effects testosterone hormone replacement therapy and the conclusion to this study seems to lead to the conclusion that there is a link between weight loss and testosterone therapy. There was also a low testosterone study conducted where obese men went through therapy for five years and they lost a lot of weight. Thus, it seems to conclude that testosterone therapy does not only treat sexual dysfunction in men but also helps in weight loss.

There are those who believe that testosterone replacement therapy for men indianapolis in  helps men feel better and stronger and so they are encouraged to exercise more and eat well. They also surmise that the levels of testosterone help build lean body mass that increase the amount of energy the body uses which resulted in weight loss.

There are also those who say the levels of testosterone is linked to cholesterol and body fat in men. Studies have concluded that testosterone and body fat are related to each other because both of them are partially controlled by the same set of genes. The evidence is found in the simultaneous occurrence of low testosterone levels and high body fat percentage in their subjects. Still there are other researches that how shown that when testosterone levels are decreasing, the cholesterol levels elevate.

These findings suggest that when men have low testosterone levels it leads to obesity and cardiovascular-related diseases such as elevated blood pressure and high levels of cholesterol.

However, there are those who content that making this relationship between body fat and testosterone levels in still inconclusive. They suggest that the opposite may even be true. That is, obesity, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure are the one causing the decrease in testosterone levels, and not the other way around.If you want to learn more about health and wellness, you can visit .

But, the recent studies in low testosterone therapy are very promising in the possibility of treating obesity and obesity-related diseases with hormone replacement therapy. As these studies have shown, their subjects who underwent hormone replacement therapy have experience lower levels of triglyceride and LDL cholesterol, and improved blood pressure and blood sugar alongside their weight loss.

So for now, more research is needed to fully establish the link between testosterone levels and weight loss. But there are actually benefits to gain if one if looking into medical weight loss indianapolis therapy and weight management for men. They have already been proven benefits from previous studies. Men may find themselves more motivated to regain a high level of health with better levels of energy and vitality.